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Nafis Part Group Neyshabour

Nafis Part Industrial Group includes Poulad Plastic Khorasan, Nafis Part Pishrow Neyshabur, Omid Plastic Binalood, Part Plastic Khorasan, Tolue Metal Melting Industries and Niknam Trading, with more than three decades of experience in the field of producing automobile parts.


Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic

Manufacturer of different types of air filter elements, air Intake, air Resonators and air ducts for automative

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Neyshabur Nafis Part Pishrow

Manufacturer of alternator belt tensioner, idler and timing parts for automative engine

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Binalood Omid Plastic

Manufacturer of car fuel systems accessories

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Khorasan Part Plastic

Manufacturer of polymer parts for automative, and plastic containers for different industries

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Tolue Metal Melting Industries

Manufacturer of automotive bush-cylinder and die-cast parts

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Nafis Pishrow Niknam Trading company

Supply and sale automative consumable and spare parts under the brand of ASPART

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The Latest Events

Deputy minister of industry, mines, and trade, and CEO of Iran Khodro visit.

Dr. Rasoulian Deputy Minister of industry, mines, and trade, and CEO of small industries organization and industrial parks, Dr. Salehi Nia the other dputy minister and CEO of Iran Developing and Renewing Industries Organization (IDRO), Mr. Farshad Moghimi CEO of Iran Kbodro, nyshabour members of Islamic Consultative Assembly, Governer of Zebarkhan, and other local and regional authorities were hosted by Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic and Nafis Part Pishrow companies.







Special Customers





Poulad Plastic Binalood Co.

this project with the aim of manufacturing different kinds of air, oil, fuel, natural gas, ... filters is to provide a part of automobile industry ( cars, trucks, trailers and hauler). the project has started to provide the rest of mother industries including powerplants, oil, gas, petrochemistry, shoipping and subway. it is considerable to say that this manufacturing unit relying on native skillful experts,updated equipments and machinery is to offer to both internal and external customers high quality selfmade products that are able to compete with foreign samples. this unit has made all these capabilities possible with getting permission from Iran national standard institution and with considering international standard requirements regarding customers" needs alongwith access to a fully equipped laboratory to test first materials.

Ghataat Mehvari Nafis Part Company

Nafis Part Binalood Axial Parts Company, one of the companies of Nafis Part Industrial Group, is located on a land with an area of 10,000 square meters in Khayyam Industrial Town, Neyshabur. This industrial unit will play a significant role in the development and improvement of the country's civil infrastructure and meet the needs of its customers in the field of construction industry, relying on the technical expertise and experience of young and specialized personnel. It is noteworthy that this industrial unit, having the latest production method and the highest degree of quality, will produce prefabricated concretes with a daily capacity of 3,000 square meters. The company will soon offer the following products with the latest necessary standards and using the best raw materials, at the request of its customers: A variety of light blocks A variety of concrete pavements A variety of concrete curbs A variety of concrete panels

Nafis Zarrin Binaloud vehicle manufacturing (BVM.CO)

The main focus of Nafis Zarrin Binaloud Manufacturing Vehicle Industries is on diversity, product quality, after-sales service and consumer satisfaction. The first light duty chassis cab truck in Khorasan province is produced and sold by Binaloud Automobile Manufacturing Industries to create new values and establish a long-term relationship based on trust with customers. The company emphasizes respect for all people and provides solution to their problems and always strives to define this principle by defining and implementing social responsibilities, getting progress towards environmental standards by obtaining EURO5 certification and other European emissions standards, along with applying knowledge, technology and research. Meeting customer needs, including after-sales service, variety in production and supply of products at reasonable prices, is the main commitment of Nafis Zarrin Binaloud Manufacturing Vehicle Industries to its stakeholders.


Sport, Culture, Art & Media

  • Developing the office space of Shohadaye Enqelab Sports Complex, Zebarkhan region, Neyshabur.
  • Supporting athletes at the national level and sports delegations of Neyshabur.
  • Supporting artists and holding cultural and artistic events in Neyshabur.
  • Equipping the amphitheater of Babak Art Theater, Neyshabur.
  • Holding Quranic competitions and supporting the readers of Neyshabur
  • Holding different sports competitions for workers of Neyshabur.
  • Holding a ceremony for Journalist Day to honor journalists
  • Presence of cinema and theater artists in Imam Ali (AS) Charity Center in Neyshabour


  • Constructing and equipping Imam Ali (AS) orphanage charity complex with the participation of RIZECO Holding and Mr. Taraqqi
  • Supporting and equipping mosques


  • Constructing and equipping a new ICU for 22 Bahman Hospital in Neyshabur
  • Supporting Medical staff against COVID-19


Supply and distribution of car parts

Supplying the highest quality automative parts with the highest standards necessary for distribution in the automative spare parts market

Nafis Pishrow Niknam Trading company

Engine Parts

Different types of alternator belt tensioner, idler, timing, engine cover, cam cover and oil cap for automative engine

Neyshabur Nafis Part Pishrow
Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic
Tolue Metal Melting Industries

Fuel System

Different types of fuel tanks, filler pipe sets, fuel filter and other accessories automative car fuel systems

Khorasan Part Plastic
Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic
Binalood Omid Plastic

Air System

Different types of air filter rlements, air intake, air resonators and air ducts for automative

Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic
Khorasan Part Plastic


Amir Nikjoo

Chairman Of The Board neyshabur Nafis Part Group

Navid Nikjoo

CEO Khorasan Razavi Poulad Plastic

Habib Kavyani

CEO Neyshabur Nafis Part Pishrow

Amir Behzadmanesh

CEO Binalood Omid Plastic

Rasool Ghaemi

CEO Khorasan Part Plastic

Reza Mohammadi

CEO Tolue Metal Melting Industries

Abdollah Bostan

CEO Nafis Pishrow Niknam Trading company



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